Twitter Search Queries Increased By 33%

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Twitter’s co-founder Biz Stone reported that Twitter’s search volume has increased by 33% since April 2010 growing from 19 billion to 24 billion searches per month in June 2010.

Most of this traffic however, does not occur on the property itself, but rather through API requests from Twitter clients such as TweetDeck and Seesmic.  No one 3rd party delivers the main share of API calls.

In April 2010, Danny Sullivan spoke with Twitter’s director of search, Doug Cook, who said that at times, queries per day read 750 millions, and expects Twitter to have 1 billion searches per day in the coming months.

Walter Isaacson interviewed both Biz Stone and Evan Williams, founders of Twitter during the Aspen Ideas Festival, July 2010.

They stated the following metrics for Twitter are:

  • 130 million registered users
  • 70 million tweets per day
  • 200 million users visit the site every day
  • 800 million search queries a day

Biz describes Twitter as an “information network, to get information needed now”, rather than a social network.  Their positioning statement “what are you doing now” has changed over time to “what’s happening”.

Evan says that Twitter Search is still in its infancy.  Twitter messages are provided to Google, Bing and Yahoo to display within their search results, however even they say it’s a search problem that is yet to be solved.  Essentially search engines like Google use “freshness” as one of their signals to find the most relevant information, however since it is real time information, there is no history for the document so it is currently very difficult to deliver the best answer.

New functionality on Twitter allows users to tag tweets with location meta data such as venue name, neighbourhood or city.  The exciting thing about this aspect of Twitter if it is used widely enough is that it can provide users with extended search capability to find out what is happening around them.

View the full video interview with Biz Stone and Evan Williams.

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